Which Chelsea players would start for United ?

Note: This selection is based on Actim Stats for the most part, so take this as a starting XI based on current form, not overall quality.

Since we read suggestions about which Newcastle players would start for the top 4 Premiership teams it started me wondering which Chelsea players would actually start for United. Certainly Cech, Lampard and Drogba should be considered, but which players would actually make it into the starting eleven ?

To help decide which players I would pick I have chosen to let Actim stats make the final decision between players of similar ability (a means of reducing my personal bias).


For me Cech might have the edge over Van Der Sar, but could anyone really justify splitting up the highly impressive back four of Neville, Rio, Vidic and Evra ? Of Chlesea’s defenders Terry would be worthy of serious consideration, but Vidic’s form this season would suggest that if Terry did replace any of our back four it would be Rio. Terry is only just back from injury so based on current form I certainly wouldn’t risk breaking up a very effective back four;


Our weakest area is meant to be midfield yet Scholes and Ronaldo are top contenders for Premiership players of the season. Without question Ronaldo would make the starting 11, and a choice would need to be made between Scholes and Lampard. Whilst I feel there is a strong arguement for Scholes the two are still close enough for my Actim rule to apply so Lampard would get the nod.

Giggs and Ronaldo are easy choices on the wings, but defensive midfield would a closer battle between Carrick, Makelele and Essien – Carrick gets the nod based on Actim stats.


This selection turns out to be surprisingly easy – both Rooney and Drogba have shined this season and I have no problem in placing them in my starting 11. This makes my final 11 as follows;

————— Cech —————

— Neville — Rio — Vidic — Evra —

Ronaldo – Carrick – Lampard – Giggs

———- Drogba – Rooney ——–

Subs: VDS, Terry, Scholes, Larsson, Saha

As I see it just 3 Chelsea players in the starting 11 and 1 on the bench. Perhaps the lineup would favour Chelsea more without the Actim stats rule I used to help make final decisions, but overall I believe the selection is pretty close to what it should be.

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