Where Will Diarra Go? Lyon, Manchester United, or Real Madrid?

Do Manchester United even ‘want’ to be linked with Diarra?

After several weeks of claiming interest in the player (to the extent that Ferguson went and watch the player in a game, and then met with Lyon’s representatives afterwards), Manchester United were first pushed away because of Lyon asking for a high transfer fee (25 million) and then because Diarra himself wanted to wait and see what would happen at Real Madrid.

Now that the World Cup is over and Capello is in charge of Real Madrid, sings are that Diarra is on the shopping list.

What complicates the matter is that Diarra is not Capello’s first choice.

Manchester United, on the other hand, have been driven away by the high asking price (and the aggressive BS from Lyon in which they are denying that their player wants to leave, when Diarra has already said that he is open to all offers) and are looking at cheaper alternatives. They are also hoping that if Madrid snap up someone else, Diarra could end up coming to Manchester United for 20 million or even less.

What Houiller Said About Diarra

“Mahamadou Diarra will not leave. He wants to win the league title and the Champions League with us.”

What Diarra Said In Reply

“I know the club relies on me and I also rely a lot on the club.”

“I didn’t allow anyone to talk in my place.”

“Today, I am open to any proposition.”

Madrid are looking at Fabregas, Mascherano, Diarra and Emerson (possibly Gattuso as well – you never know what Capello has up his sleeve. As Madrid can offer a better price (and better wages), both Lyon and Diarra would be inclined to listen to them first.

At Manchester United though, we have no such luxury of a 70 million transfer kitty or even the ability to match Madrid’s wage offers. Manchester United will also avoid getting into a bidding war – and considering that Ferguson is away for the next couple of weeks, Madrid have time to snap up the player as they wish.

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