When the big newspapers get it right

Why doesn’t the Guardian do more player-oriented pieces like this one:

Sid Lowe interviews Oleguer Paresas (Barcelona)

I mean, it’s not as if us bloggers get a chance to interview the players, right? And believe me, fans lap this stuff up. Comments and ad clicks are not the only measures of a ‘successful post’ – quality articles like this will bring readers back (and improve my opinion of Sid Lowe as well 🙂 ) more than most of the blog posts and articles put up.

While we’re at it, kudos to the BBC for being more open about their programming:

FA Cup 6th Round and Six Nations scheduling

I don’t like in England and as a result don’t get BBC, but this is an excellent way to get instant feedback from fans – such as the complaints from Watford fans about the 6pm fixture on Sunday away to Plymouth.

It would be wonderful, ainnit, if BBC Sport changed their scheduling to make life easy for the fans on the basis of these comments?

We can only hope.

Update: Also read Simon Hattenstone on Craig Bellamy. Not too funny, but poignant and a reminder that footballers, for all their skills and money, can still show us the dark side of human nature.

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