When did football last made you cry with joy (or despair)?

Life. Love. Money. Sex. Power. Booze. Football.

The beautiful game has few rivals when it comes to weighing it’s importance. No surprise then that it evokes such strong emotions from its followers and turns rational, educated individuals into raging madmen.

It hit me, while I was watching Sunderland record a memorable last-gasp win over Tottenham, that surely there must be fans who would be moved to cry with joy (or despair) when a football match played out it’s final result.

The ’99 or ’05 Champions League finals. The ’01 FA Cup final. The 2006 World Cup final.

History is littered with memorable and moving events for each club.

So today’s question is – when was the last time football made you cry with joy?

As a bonus, you can also tell when last football made you cry in despair.

Not sure if many people will answer this – it’s a shot in the dark and I know that a lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but hey, football does that to us.

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