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Everyone has been quoting from the Sunday Times interview of Roy Keane – in case you’re interested in reading the bloody interview itself, here’s the link:

Roy Keane Sunday Times Interview

Fabio Cannavaro was also interviewed in the same edition. Here’s the link:

Fabio Cannavaro Sunday Times Interview

Barry Glendenning writes about how Roy Keane has surprised people by taking to management so effortlessly. It’s not a surprise if you know that Keano has probably prepared more and harder than anyone else before taking on the Sunderland job.

The media had a field day with vivid imagery of Keano going psycho, but what everyone tends to forget is that most of Keano’s life on the football pitch was spent playing excellent football, not in fighting and shouting at others.

Barcelona score brownie points with supporters by putting the Unicef logo on their shirts and making a pledge to donate 1 mil to the charity every year. Altruistic it might be, but the PR value of this is undeniable. Well done Barca. Paolo Bandini has the details.

Stephen Wolfe talks about the man that is Filippo Inzhagi. Methinks that 5 years down the line Didier Drogba will be thought of in a similar vein as Inzhagi – an effective striker whose ‘unclean’ reputation overshadows his skills.

To round it up, this article about telecom infrastructure planning at the 2010 World Cup raises some very interesting questions.

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