What Really Happened with Petit and Manchester United

If you’re a Manchester United fan, you’d be wondering – why the hell did Ferguson want to sign Armando Petit?

The thing is, he didnt – he never did.

Caught Offside has a cute piece on how ‘even Petit doesn’t want to play for Manchester United’, but the facts state otherwise.

For starters, it was Petit who claimed that Manchester United had made a 5 to 6 million pound bid for him, and that he really wanted to go, and that it was up to Benfica to decide.

But Manchester United never made a bid for Petit – this was Petit talking himself up and trying to get into Ferguson’s sights so that hopefully he could secure a transfer to a bigger club.

Why would Manchester United want Petit? Ferguson is looking for young players and / or quality players. Petit is 29, and he is no where near quality. With United linked to players such as Hargreaves, Gattuso, Carrick, Senna and Mascherano, the whole ‘Petit’ issue sounds like the player and the media just wanted to create some more hype.

Sad, really.

Now Petit says that United is history and that he’s going to concentrate on Benfica. I guess he realised some time ago that United were never going to come for him.

At best United would have inquired as to whether he was for sale, but why ask about Petit? Alan Smith and Darren Fletcher could do a better job, so really, Petit doesn’t even remotely fit into United’s plans – he would barely make the bench.

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