What Is Worse? Gloating Chelsea Fans Or Complaining Liverpool Fans?

The following post contains heavy doses of sarcasm and leg-pulling. Take it on the chin folks, after all, it’s all true 🙂

Congratulations to Chelsea for John Terry’s appointment as England captain.

Having said that, I think we all need to acknowledge that we have a serious problem on our hands – a backlash from Liverpool and Chelsea fans that will envelop blogs, forums and social circles for as long as Terry remains captain.

We will, quite literally, be watching Chelsea fans try to convince us that just because Steve McClaren (the man who took Boro to 14th place last season) picked Terry as captain, it is some sort of divine vindication that Chelsea is a truly great club. Nope, the money wasn’t enough folks, nor were the titles (won fairly, btw).

They will bring destiny into it, and somewhere along the line God as well. Football fans are insufferable when they gloat, but I think this has something to do with Londoners in general (Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham – their fans are at their worst when they win).

Fact is, Chelsea fans gloating over Terry’s appointment fail to realise that it won’t solve England’s problems – merely hide them.

And if you thought these Liverpool fans were any better, think again – they already have the God-complex, thanks to 3rd and 5th place finishes in the last two years plus a Champions League medal that they hauled out of a rabbit’s ass (and how they did that, no Liverpool fan ever tells). It doesn’t help that they live in the past and try to remind everybody what a great club the once were.

As if what they won two years ago will have any relevance on what they will win next season.

Neither Steven Gerrard or John Terry make the best captains in my book, but with Terry at least he would have been ok with not being captain.

Gerrard on the other hand, has this illegitimate need to be cuddled, adored and loved by everyone (and if they show it with money, like Chelsea did, he’s willing to jump and break loyalties – well, until Liverpool showed him some bling as well). This ‘defeat’ in his quest for England’s captaincy (Terry and Gerrard are both 25, and they’ll probably retire together, so Gerrard has no chance in hell of being a captain) will hurt him and hurt his ego, and he might go into a sulking mode – one that will hurt England and Liverpool rather than help them.

Not that we care of course, we’re here to remind everyone how we were so great all those years ago.

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