What could Mourinho have done at Tottenham?

Martin Jol thinks that no one – NO ONE! – could have done better than him at Tottenham in the time that he’s been there.

“I have to come up with the goods, that is what I have done. No one could’ve done better, I firmly believe that. Not even Mourinho.”

Jol also said:

“To be fifth for two seasons with Spurs is probably not bad, it’s very good. There was no manager before me who did the same.”

I sympathise with Martin Jol – his situation at Tottenham is unfortunate, courtesy of the Tottenham board first going behind his back and then giving him enough rope to hang himself by having him publicly declare that Tottenham’s ambition this season is to finish in the top 4 (did they know Chelsea were going to lose Mourinho? I doubt it). I don’t think he’s the man to take Tottenham to the next level but on the other hand he’s done a very good job at Tottenham in the last two seasons and he should not be treated like this.

However, despite the results (I’m sure things will turn around for Tottenham), Martin Jol has had my full support in this matter – until now.

It’s hard to take a man seriously who, in a moment of desperation, boldly claims that no one could have done better than him. There’s ALWAYS someone who can do better mate, unless you’re telling me that the best Tottenham CAN do is be 18th after 7 games.

So here’s the big question – what could Mourinho have done at Tottenham?

Would Mourinho have thrown away 4th spot (which Spurs could have secured before they got sick for the last game)?

Would Mourinho have had as bad a start to last season as Jol?

Would Mourinho’s Tottenham have finished so far behind Arsenal as Jol’s Tottenham last season?

Would Mourinho’s Tottenham be in 18th place this season?

The answer to all 4 questions is the same. NO. However, feel free to debate this in the comments.

Everything else Jol is says is on the money regarding instability, the need to bring in someone who can do better, etc.

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