West Ham: Victims or Idiots?

In the last few months West Ham fans have become increasingly defensive and come out in droves to protect the honour of West Ham United whenever the club is criticised.

Think that West Ham were leniently treated by the Premier League? You’re just feeding on media propaganda and don’t know the truth.

Think that West Ham is being ditched by ambitious players and joined by squad players? You don’t know football then.

Think that West Ham are being pricks over Tevez or that they have no legal rights over the player? You’re a West Ham hater!

Yes. You. You’re a West Ham hater for thinking that a club that signs a potentially damaging contract and then lies to the Premier League AND is punished in April, not in January when the issue was discovered, was leniently treated.

You’re a West Ham hater for thinking that they won’t make the top 6 or top 8 next season (Having Craig Bellamy in your team does NOT guarantee you European football, mind you – it just guarantees that there will be fighting).

You’re a West Ham hater for thinking that – because all West Hams DO have law degrees, are intimately familiar with the legal issues at stake and furthermore are not biased, AT ALL.

Quite frankly, this whole “the world is against us” bullshit is a childish excuse to deal with the real issues. I’m up for debate and I’ll discuss anything, anywhere, with anyone. But if your best defense is that because I disagree with you I’m influenced by third-rate media (who I thoroughly despise, mind you) or that I support a big club so I’m arrogant, then yes, you’re going to get the same tripe that you are usually dished out.

Idiocy doesn’t deserve better.

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