West Ham bought by Eggert Magnusson (yes, it’s done)

After months of speculation, West Ham have now joined the ranks of Manchester United, Chelsea and Portsmouth in selling out to rich businessmen.

West Ham have accepted Eggert Magnusson’s 85 mil takeover bid, which accounts for 83% of the club’s shares.

It’s the start of a process where now the new owners will start buying out the remaining shareholders, and in short time Magnusson (backed by Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, the chairman of Icelandic bank Landsbanki) will have total control of West Ham United.

No update on West Ham’s official club website.

So far Magnusson has made all the right noises – retaining Pardew as manager and promising funds in January to strengthen West Ham’s squad (more to avoid relegation than anything else, methinks).

West Ham accept takeover bid

Three questions arise immediately from this:

1) What will happen to Tevez and Mascherano? Will they stay at West Ham or be shipped out in January? I don’t think Pardew will want them to leave (not after he’s worked so hard on making them settle into West Ham), but with Joorabchian and MSI pulling the strings, it could be that Magnusson’s doesn’t agree to the prior ‘deal’?

2) When will the first ‘Egg’ yolks start? Actually they’ve already started, so no points for that.

3) Who will West Ham buy in January?

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