West Ham fans fracked over by MSI, previous board and Premier League

The 5.5 million fine placed on West Ham is not only a record, it’s a statement of the strongest intent. It says that the West Ham management was not only withholding vital information from the authorities, they were also guilty of wrongdoing in their dealings with MSI over Tevez and Mascherano.

West Ham have been made an example in the most serious terms by the Premier League – it’s a warning to other teams: the next time something like this happens, not only will a club face even higher monetary fines but also point deductions.

What will happen now? The team will try to fight an impossible battle to stave off relegation. The management will probably do what they have threatened to do all along – sue Terry Brown and drag this case out till the next season.

Whatever happens, this is the calamity coming full circle for West Ham – people feared it when the initial deal happened but I doubt that anyone expected West Ham to suffer this much.

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