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Wenger: Tottenham ‘tricked’ Manchester United (and Liverpool)



I’m not an Arsenal fan. I’m not French. I’m not even a former Arsene Wenger pupil.

But dammit, he’s spot on when he talks about negotiation tricks and the lack of any genuine complaint from Tottenham’s end on their players being tapped up.

The Arsenal manager (referring to the Chelsea-Ashley Cole-Arsenal saga):

“We faced that problem once and we took it all the way to the end — we complained and we kept it going until the story was judged.

It looks to me that these complaints are used as a trick for negotiations and to get better prices rather than because there is a genuine complaint.

Berbatov went to Manchester United but Tottenham ended up not complaining, so for me it has to be legal.”

If anyone needs their memory jogged, Robbie Keane went to Liverpool the same way – highway robbery for 20m, a small donation to charity and the dropping of charges from Tottenham’s end.

Initially I had the ‘complaints’ pegged as a face-saving exercise but Wenger’s reasoning makes more sense, no?