Wenger talks about Barry – isn’t that wrong?

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Question for Arsenal fans:

Now that Wenger has commented twice on Gareth Barry (here and here), will you:

  • accuse him of trying to unsettle the captain of a league rival?
  • encourage Villa to file a complaint against Arsenal – especially since they have more evidence of Wenger breaking Premier League’s K8 rule than Spurs ever did against Ferguson?
  • give us a lecture on how great the Arsenal are?
  • criticise league rivals for lacking morals (again completely irrelevant)?
  • abuse Soccerlens for asking questions you feel uncomfortable answering?
  • deny that he ever said it?

I already know that he’s said in one interview that he’s not following up on Barry. But he IS interested in the player and he HAS talked about the player twice. I’m not saying he’s tapping him up – I’m asking if his talking about him is at a par with other managers mentioning players and getting stick for it?

What’s it going to be, Gooners?

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