Watford lack the discipline to beat Arsenal

Much has been made about the impact of the international break on Arsenal’s players and how Watford are fresher. Myles thinks that the game will be a little bit more even. It’s predictable journalistic drivel, that’s what.

One of two things will happen:

One: Arsenal will struggle to score before the break, and it will take a late goal to seal a ‘tough’ home game.

Two: Arsenal will start fast out of the blocks, release their forwards and put in a couple before the break so that they can coast through the rest of the game.

It’s possible for Watford to stun the Gunners with an early goal, but don’t count on it.

Will Watford win? They couldn’t hold Manchester United at home, what chance do they have away, albeit against an Arsenal side that is weakened by injury to 3 first-team players. Eboue’s absence will be filled in by Gallas or Hoyte, the other taking the left-back berth. It’s possible that Flamini could be drafted in as well. Ljunberg won’t be missed too much, but Baptista’s physical presence and ability to change the game when coming off the bench will be noticed if Watford manage to score.

Watford are good, direct, physical side but they lack the discipline to last over 90 minutes. That’s why they will lose.

The only thing is – the result here means nothing for either side’s season. Arsenal have an easy game, while Watford know this is one of those that no one will blame them for losing.

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