United Watch – Finally Some Goals

The last couple of days have seen Ruud van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ji-Sung Park finally score, bring Manchester United’s goal-scoring tally for the 2006 World Cup up to an impressive 3. And I would laugh if I were you – after 30 matches and 65 goals (plus 2 own goals), only 7 clubs have scored 3 or more.

With Rooney set to play a part tomorrow against Sweden, I’d expect that tally to go up. Neville is out with a calf injury, which means that Carragher will start again at right-back. A good thing for England, but Carragher needs to link up with Becks a bit better.

Apart from Rooney though, there’s no one really impressive to watch at the World Cup for United – we have Ferdinand but he’s a defender (and part of my brazil-beating squad too). Ruud needs to hit top gear quickly, and Ronaldo needs to cut down on the tricks.

Here’s to hoping that Saha starts the next match for France – the bastards have left out their form striker and and still expect to qualify for the second round (which they will, if they can beat Togo by 2 goals or more).

And as far as the transfer watch is concerned, I’m hoping that Carrick replaces Gerrard in the English lineup tomorrow (although reports say that it will be Hargreaves instead) – would give us a chance to actually see him play in a big match 🙂

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