Manchester United’s newest Fantastic Four

I regularly go down to Hyde United’s Ewen Fields to watch Manchester United’s young side and this season many of the popular names – Rossi, Pique, Eagles, Bardsley, & Martin – have been missing.

This season the Manchester United reserves haven’t done as well as last season, this is because the majority of last season’s team have been on loan. However some of the newest batch of players playing for the Manchester United youth side have impressed me greatly.

Febian Brandy – Striker

This boy is very quick and has a great shot, he has impressed me more than any other youth player I have seen, he makes runs and once he has the ball he is hard to stop, seen him take two or three players on and score.

Ed: If this kid can be as good as Rossi, then Manchester United have another future superstar in the making.

Danny Welbeck — Winger

This lad looks like he will be a promising player, he is fast and has made lots of assists for Brandy and did well against Arsenal in the Youth Cup Semi Final. He played well in the final for us too. SAF commented recently upon Ryan Giggs, saying he knew he was destined to be a great player and he also said we have another player in this years youth cup final who he believes the same destiny awaits many believe this to be Welbeck.

Ed: I think SAF might have meant Brandy, but Welbeck has done well

Craig Cathcart — Defender

A really good solid central defender, has been already called up by the first team and as been on the bench for a few games this season. He has partnered well with Shawcross last season also.

Ed: Cathcart’s next season will be crucial – he will probably be sent out on loan and his performances there will more or less determine his Manchester United future. He has Evans and Pique ahead of him, Shawcross is there too so there’s plenty of competition (always good for Manchester United).

Ben Amos — Goalkeeper

You never seem to notice him in matches which I feel is a good trait for a keeper, he has also been selected for the England Youth Side. Always seems to solid and has a good match for the team.

Ed: Ziegler isn’t bad either, but Amos seems to another Foster in the making (at least).

Your Pick?

From the current Manchester United youth squad, who do you think has the most potential for breaking into the Manchester United starting XI in the next few years?

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