Tyson Fury Makes Big Bet On His Brother To Beat Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Boxing
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Boxing

The long anticipated matchup between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has finally arrived, and sports books around the world are taking action on the bout that will take place in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Fans and bettors are making their usual wagers, but there was a bet placed by a family member of one of the fighters that has made a few headlines. Tyson Fury, the two-time heavyweight champion and half-brother of Tommy, has apparently put some big money down on his sibling.

In an interview with iFL TV, Tyson explained the confidence he has in his brother, and the fact that he put down a £100,000 wager on the Fury name to be victorious over Paul.

Tyson Fury Makes Big Bet On His Brother To Beat Jake Paul

Tyson talked about the odds on his bet and the potential payout, as well. He predicts a knockout inside the distance, and that he got the line at 3-to-1, which would give him a payout of £300,000.

“So that’s tax-free, 300k. That’s not bad, is it?” Fury asked.

The entire Fury family has shown brazen confidence throughout the buildup for the fight, and the father of the fighters even agreed to an all-or-nothing proposal set forth by Paul at the pre-fight press conference. Jake and Tommy shook on the deal on stage, but according to Paul, there has been silence from the Fury camp now that it is time to actually sign the contract. They’re apparently having their lawyers review the documents.

What Are The Betting Lines Like For Paul vs. Fury?

Paul is the favorite to win the fight, and 61 percent of the action and 58 percent of the money that has come in has been placed on the former YouTube star. As it sits currently, he is listed as a -150 favorite. As for his counterpart, Fury’s line as the underdog is +130. When betting opened, the fight was essentially a pick ‘em with both sides listed at -115.

The bout itself has been a long time in the making. Fury was forced to pull out of two previously scheduled arrangements due to injury and visa issues, but we’ll finally get our long-awaited payoff on Sunday.

“I know Tommy is going to knock him out,” Tyson Fury added. “What is a little bit stupid is I see all these experts and professional boxers picking Jake Paul over Tommy. I’m like, ‘what the hell are these guys watching?’, because Tommy will absolutely deck him.”

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