Transfer Roundup: Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Chelsea and more

A look at the latest transfer rumours involving the Premiership.

Newcastle offering 6m for Manchester United’s Alan Smith

You’ve got to be kidding me. Newcastle United have Ameobi, Owen, Viduka, Martins plus that kid who got assaulted by Buffon (Carroll). They wouldn’t be spending 6m on a 5th or 4th choice striker.

Unless Big Sam wants to resurrect the Leeds of old and bring in Kewell along with Smith as well, there’s no truth in this one.

Manchester City considering 7m bid for Smith

Here’s the bottom line on Smith – if anyone offers Manchester United anything more than 5m, they’ll take it. My take is that the choice of clubs will now be Smith’s – whether it’s City or Newcastle or whoever is willing to stump up the cash. City buying a United player? Sven and Thaksin can’t be that oblivious to the inter-city rivalry, can they?

Raul – from Real Madrid to Birmingham?

The People have been putting together 1 and 1 and made 11. Steve McManaman’s involvement in the corp that have have bought a 29% stake in Birmingham City and that corp’s expected takeover of the Premiership club has People wondering if McManaman could use his ‘contacts’ to attract top players to City.

Raul – this one wins the dumbest rumour of the day – no offense City fans.

Tottenham with 8m in hand after Lyon’s Kallstrom

Lyon brought in Kallstrom last summer to replace Diarra, and he has done quite well in the last season or so. He’s not the central midfielder that Tottenham need though – he doesn’t have the necessary experience that the Spurs sorely lack in the middle of the pitch. Still, he’ll be another good buy if Lyon let him go (which I highly doubt).

Chelsea give Robben deadline as Real Madrid wait

This one is interesting. So far I had thought that Robben had been holding out for more money and was using the Real Madrid interest as a prod for Chelsea to give him more money. Those thoughts seem confirmed with this ‘deadline’ (although I think it’s quite unrealistic for such deadlines to be leaked to the press, but whatever). It’s a good chance that Real are offering more than what Chelsea are willing to pay.

You’d think that at 90k / week, giving up on an extra 10k / week for the next four years was a small price to pay to stay in a country you’re settled in. Plus who really needs that much money anyway? But then again, you’re not the one earning that much money, so you have no idea. Me neither.

Valencia to plump up 13m for Bolton’s Anelka

A credible rumour only because of the price tag (a tad bit overpriced but Anelka would rule in Spain if he was fit) and the target club (if Valencia want to catch the other three clubs ahead of them they need quality AND experience, and Anelka offers both). It’s good money and I’m guessing that Anelka ‘might’ have a buyout clause – if not, Bolton would be foolish to accept this offer.

Does Anelka want to leave? I’m guessing that he wants to win the CL and he knows that he won’t with Bolton AND that his best chance is to get transfered to a big team NOW rather than wait for next season.

Diarra to swap Chelsea for Arsenal?

Why would Diarra leave one jam-packed midfield (Ballack, Lampard, Essien, Mikel, Makelele, Sidwell) for another (Silva, Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Flamini)? There is technically more space at Arsenal, but with Ballack, Makelele and Lampard ageing Diarra is realistically only competing with Mikel at Chelsea (Essien is untouchable). At Arsenal, he has Denilson and Diaby to contend with, both of whom have done quite well.

Everton and Manchester City are after Wigan’s Leighton Baines, and Manchester United might be too

Baines is too good for Wigan, and it would be interesting to see him play for a bigger club with genuine European aspirations. City with Richards and Baines as full-backs is a worrying thought, while Everton are a quality side already and will improve their chances next season through Baines.

But what happened to Newcastle’s interest? Is it a lack of funds?

Manchester United, Heinze and Liverpool

I imagine that until and unless Heinze talks personally to Alex Ferguson, we shouldn’t bother too much with this. As a club, Manchester United are looking after their interests in not wanting to sell Heinze to their league rivals. As agents, Heinze’s men have the responsibility to look for the best possible deal for their client, so if they’re being pushy assholes about it, let them be.

Heinze’s on break, he knows exactly what’s going on and unless this is about the money, he he will stay if he is made to feel welcome at United – and that will happen when he talks to Ferguson.

Manchester United, Tevez and West Ham

There’s news that West Ham will accept 6m for Tevez’s registration and then Kia (actually, its MSI and JSI) would be free to loan him to Manchester United. Interestingly enough, now that West Ham HAVE been sued their bluster about having an ironclad, water-tight case has worn off a little and as expected, all parties are now in a legal wrangle that they very much want to avoid.

Expect this to be sorted out in August and for Tevez to be playing for Manchester United next season.

That’s it for today’s roundup folks – hope you guys enjoyed it.

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