Tottenham vs Liverpool, Bent vs Torres – who’s getting the better deal?

Liverpool v Tottenham preview.

The big news yesterday (painfully fabricated pieced together using old quotes and selective memory) was that of Liverpool making their play for Fernando Torres, seemingly leaving rivals Man Utd in their wake.

Today’s grand news (after Capello’s ridiculous sacking and Coleman’s semi-ridiculous signing) is that Tottenham are close to getting Bent.

Considering that both clubs (Liverpool and Tottenham) will be spending top dollar (in terms of relative finances) on their respective targets, the big question is this:

Which club is getting the better deal?


Is Darren Bent a ‘steal’ at 13-17m? Considering that Bent’s arrival could (I repeat, ‘could’, not ‘will’) spend the end for Berbatov or Defoe, Tottenham will in all likelihood recoup the financial outlay but how does this affect them in terms of their league aspirations?

In other words, is Darren Bent capable of helping Tottenham a) win the Uefa Cup and b) qualify for the Champions League?


Over at Anfield, Liverpool are continuously linked with Torres – they have been ever since Torres was quote on camera with the inside of his armband showing the inscription “you’ll never walk alone”. Apparently no one is allowed to use that inspirational phrase in their lives without being linked with a move to Liverpool (in which case, will Rafa give me a trial?).

Can Torres bring the Premiership to Anfield? Can he provide the thrust Liverpool lacked at times in Europe?

The floor is yours.

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