Tottenham 4-2 Liverpool – Carling Cup – 12 November 2008 – Live Blog

Tottenham (Pavlyuchenko 38′, 52′, Campbell 42′, 45′) 4-2 Liverpool (Plessis 49′, Hyypia 64′)
Stadium: White Hart Lane
Competition: Carling Cup
Date: 12 November 2008
Kickoff: 19:45 GMT, 14:45 ET

Defending champions, Tottenham Hotspur, have advanced in the Carling Cup, knocking out Liverpool, 4-2! Soccerlens brought you the action live! Click below for the liveblog and feel free to leave comments!

Match Preview:

Tottenham are like a new team ever since Harry Redknapp took over. Perhaps their biggest victory during the still nascent Rednapp Era was their stirring come-from-behind win at White Hart Lane against then-unbeaten Liverpool.

Liverpool have bounced back from that loss, winning 3-0 against West Brom on Saturday behind Robbie Keane’s first two goals for his club. Ordinarily, the Carling Cup isn’t as big of a priority for the bigger clubs in England, however, Liverpool showed that they are going to make an honest effort to win the trophy. In their opening round match against unheralded Crewe, the Reds started important first-teamers like Daniel Agger, Lucas, and Ryan Babel, while bringing in Fernando Torres, Jamie Carragher, and Robbie Keane off the bench. Liverpool should start most of their first-teamers against the Spurs in an effort for revenge, as well as advancement.

As for Tottenham, we should expect all of their top players to take part. While survival is their main priority, defending their title is a close second, and nothing would boost the team’s still rising confidence level than another win against Liverpool.

Will Tottenham make it 2-for-2? Or will Liverpool knock the defending Carling Cup champions out? It should be a great match.

UPDATE: I guess I was wrong about Liverpool treating the Carling Cup as a priority. Rafa Benitez has announced that he will definitely rest Keane and Gerrard, and that Carragher, Kuyt, Alonso could be left out as well.


Tottenham: Gomes, Hutton, Dawson (c), Corluka, Bale, Lennon, Zokora, Huddlestone, O’Hara, Pavlyuchenko, Campbell.
Subs: Cesar, Bentley, Bent, Modric, Gunter, Boateng, Rocha.

A fairly strong lineup from Tottenham. Additionally, Bent, Modric, and Bentley will be available as subs. Campbell will get the start opposite Pavlyuchenko, and King will miss out after starting against Manchester City over the weekend.

Liverpool: Cavalieri, Degen, Hyypia (c), Agger, Dossena, El Zhar, Lucas, Plessis, Babel, Ngog, Torres.
Subs: Gulacsi, Riera, Darby, Insua, Carragher.

The long-awaited return of Fernando Torres will officially happen today. As expected, Keane and Gerrard will miss out, as will Alonso and Kuyt. Carragher will be on the bench, as will Riera. We’ll get an extended look at some youngsters, such as Lucas, Plessis, and El Zhar, as well as veterans that aren’t getting much time with the first team, like Hyypia. Ah, the beauty of the Carling Cup!


What a match and what a huge win for Spurs! Thanks to everyone who followed along! See you next time!

90′ + 10 Insua makes a run down the left and sends a cross towards goal that Cesar fumbles but is able to hold on to before Liverpool can do any damage. There’s the whistle and we’re done!

90′ + 9 Burnley have scored against Chelsea. Hmm… That would be a big upset if Burnley could pull it out.

90′ + 8 Spurs try and hold it in the corner and will try and run out the clock.

90′ + 7 Boateng’s cross gets knocked away for a corner.

90′ + 5 Babel will try a long-range shot that is wide of the post. Pavlyuchenko will come off for Boateng, and the Russian will get a nice hand from the crowd.

90′ + 4 Good tackle from Zokora springs the counterattack. Alonso makes a good defensive play to stop the attack in its tracks.

90′ + 3 Bent will come on for Campbell, and the Man Utd. man will get a nice hand from the fans.

90′ + 2 Fancy move by Huddlestone as he lifts it up and tries to volley it past Cavalieri, but it’s wide of the mark.

90′ + 1 Nothing doing on the corner and there will be 9 minutes of added time.

90′ There’s going to be a lot of added time. Lucas tries to play Ngog through, but Corluka cuts it off. He decides to kick it away and concede the corner rather than take a chance with Cesar.

87′ News on Gomes is positive. He doesn’t appear to be seriously hurt.

86′ Liverpool knock the corner away for a Spurs throw in. Spurs then lose it and it will be a goal kick.

85′ Degen limps off and Darby will come on for Liverpool. Lennon’s cross from deep down the right flank goes off Hyypia for a corner.

84′ Sustained attack by Liverpool results in a handball against Ngog after Insua tries to play it into him from the left edge of the box. Seeing the replay on the Bale play from a different angle, and it’s clear that Bale got none of the ball. Well, if it takes two different replay angles to determine whether Bale got the ball, then you really can’t fault the refs for missing the call.

82′ Degen gets taken down by Bale in the penalty area and it looks like a penalty, but no call. On the replay, it looks like Bale got the ball first.

80′ Nice through-ball from Campbell to Pavlyuchenko, and he fires a hard shot on goal that Cavalieri saves. Even though they didn’t score there, I have to say that Pavlyuchenko and Campbell have played very well together. I doubt Darren Bent is sweating, especially given the form he’s been in, but Harry’s definitely got some thinking to do.

79′ O’Hara sends the free kick into the box for Campbell, who is completely unmarked in front of goal. Luckily for Liverpool, the cross goes over Campbell’s head, because he had all kinds of space there. Huddlestone tries a long-range shot, but it’s well wide of the post.

78′ Hutton gets fouled by Lucas from 30 yards out or so. Let’s see what Spurs can do here.

77′ Insua gets it and sends a long cross towards Lucas, but Cesar takes it.

76′ Corner goes to Dawson, who can’t get his head on it. It’s knocked out to Huddlestone, who tries the long-range shot from the edge of the box, but it’s over the crossbar for a goal kick.

75′ Sloppy play by Liverpool’s defense as they give it away in their own half. Campbell attacks and it’s out for a corner.

74′ Gomes is stretchered off and he gets a respectful hand from both sets of fans.

72′ Here comes Cesar as it looks like Gomes is done.

70′ Cesar is warming up and it looks like he’ll be coming on.

68′ Good play, this time, by Gomes, as he comes out to cut out a great cross to Degen. Gomes is down after taking a nasty knock to his head. The stretcher is out and it doesn’t look good for him.

67′ Good buildup by Liverpool as El Zhar and Insua combine again. This time, El Zhar gets the shot on target, and Gomes saves it, but doesn’t handle it cleanly. He is able to take it on the bounce, though. Even on easy saves, Gomes is causing Spurs fans some big time stress.

66′ Lucas is booked after committing a foul on O’Hara. Meanwhile Alonso will come on for Plessis.

65′ Interesting as Benitez calls Alonso off the bench. Maybe Rafa isn’t ready to wave goodbye to the Carling Cup just yet.

64′ GOAL! One guess what happens here. Corner is whipped in towards goal once again. Hyypia beats Gomes to the ball and heads it past the beleaguered goalkeeper. Not sure what else can be said at this point.

63′ El Zhar makes a nice move inside the box and lays it off to Insua, who makes the run down the left. His shot gets deflected out for a corner.

62′ The fans are chanting up a storm. Not sure what they’re saying, but I’m sure it’s not: “There’s only one Dimitar Berbatov!”

61′ Tottenham knock it around the field while the fans chant “Ole!” each time a Liverpool player tries to go for the ball and misses. Nice touch. Especially since Liverpool are wearing the red kits.

59′ Nothing doing on the corner as Huddlestone gets called for a foul.

58′ Good ball in from Hutton to Lennon from the right flank. Lennon tries the cross, but it’s knocked away for a corner.

56′ Insua will come on for Torres. Not a great showing for Torres today, but the same could be said about most of his teammates.

55′ Bale takes the free kick, and it takes a deflection off the wall for a corner. Lennon gets the short corner and he sends a cross from the right edge of the box to the far post where Campbell gets a free header. He hits the post, but it’s immaterial. He was offsides.

54′ Pavlyuchenko gets it on the edge of the box and is trying to get away from Hyypia. Pavlyuchenko tries to shoot it, but Hyypia drags him down. Good free kick chance for Spurs here.

52′ GOAL! Huddlestone makes a great move to get around Agger, but makes a mess of his pass to Pavlyuchenko. Spurs get it back and Zokora sends a cross to an unmarked Pavlyuchenko who taps it in for the goal!

50′ Lennon makes a nice move and tries to send a cross from the right win towards O’Hara, who is unmarked in the box. It’s over his head, though, otherwise it could have been #4 for Spurs.

49′ GOAL! Spurs fans are going to be really sick about this goal. Babel sends a corner to the far post where Plessis heads it past Gomes, who made a mess of the cross and was caught between coming out and taking it or holding his line. How many times does this have to happen for Spurs to end this experiment once and for all?

48′ Ball comes off Hyypia’s head, but Degen doesn’t realize it and lets it go past the touchline. It’s been that kind of day for Liverpool. Babel then sends a cross from the left wing that is knocked away by Dawson for a corner.

47′ Huddlestone is limping around, but he stays in the game. Bad news for Liverpool fans as Torres looks like he’s picked up a knock and is limping a little bit.

46′ Liverpool will kick off and the second half is under way! No changes for either team. Liverpool have been down 3-0 before in cup ties. Still, I can’t see them getting back into this match. Torres tries to make a run down the left, and Bale knocks it away for a corner. Babel whips in the corner, and it’s towards Hyypia, but Spurs clear it away.

46′ Let’s keep in mind that Tottenham are doing this against Liverpool’s reserves (other than Torres and Babel). We probably shouldn’t take too much away from this match, other than the fact that Liverpool’s youngsters really aren’t ready for prime time. As Wolf from “Pulp Fiction” used to say: “Let’s not start patting each other’s backs” just yet. At least, that’s what he says on the network version of the movie.

Tottenham take a deserved 3-0 lead at the half, but that doesn’t do justice to the way they dominated that first half. It was looking like Liverpool might get lucky and take it to halftime at 0-0, but things really fell apart for them in seven short minutes. Let’s see if Rafa Benitez has anything up his sleeve for the second half, or if he’ll be content to play out the string and take the loss without losing any of his key players.

45′ + 1 There’s the whistle and we’re at halftime. Liverpool are in shock and White Hart Lane is absolutely buzzing!

45′ GOAL! Campbell strikes again as Liverpool fail to clear the ball from danger. Miscommunication between Degen and Hyypia results in Lennon sending a deep cross from the left flank to the far post, where Campbell calmly heads it past Cavalieri. Wow! What a coming out party for Campbell. If he goes back to United, he’ll have a built-in following!

44′ Well, the game has certainly taken on a whole new flavor, hasn’t it? Bale streaks down the left wing and his cross is taken by Degen. However he’s a little lackadasical with his clearance and Campbell gets it back. He gives it to Bale, but Bale’s cross is knocked out for a corner.

42′ GOAL! Long pass to Campbell draws Cavalieri out and he collides with Degen. Campbell springs on the loose ball and easily puts it into the empty net. Campbell celebrates his first goal for Tottenham so fervently that he gets booked.

41′ More Yellow Fever as Pavlyuchenko gets booked for a foul. Tempers are clearly rising.

40′ Torres also got booked for showing disrespect.

39′ Spurs nearly make it 2-0 when O’Hara gets behind the defense and fires on goal. He forces a great save from Cavalieri and Liverpool are able to clear it. Babel gets booked for yelling at Mike Riley after he calls the Liverpool man for a foul.

38′ GOAL! Hutton springs Campbell down the left flank, and Campbell makes a nice move down the wing and picks out Pavlyuchenko in front of goal with the great cross. Pavlyuchenko then sends his shot past Cavalieri for the goal!

37′ Lennon with a nice touch on the long ball to keep control of it. He tries to send a cross from the right edge of the box towards the far post, but O’Hara can’t catch up to it in time. Goal kick to Liverpool.

34′ Bale tries to send in a cross towards Pavlyuchenko, but good defense from Liverpool results in the turnover. Bale comes back and tries to send a cross into the box towards Campbell, but it’s over his head.

31′ Campbell intercepts a pass towards Huddlestone, who was behind him on the right edge. He tries to play it back to Huddlestone, but the pass is too long and goes out for a goal kick. Looks like Campbell didn’t know he had Huddlestone behind him when he first took that pass.

29′ Dossena overruns it on the left flank and gives it away. Bale sends another poor cross towards goal, but he gets another chance. The second cross goes to Huddlestone, who tries to flick it on towards Campbell, but it’s behind him and Cavalieri takes it.

28′ Play has slowed down a little bit. Neither side has been able to keep it long enough to build up any kind of sustained buildup.

27′ Bale launches (and I mean LAUNCHES) a cross from the left flank that goes over everyone’s head. A little less mustard on that ball, Gareth.

25′ Torres loses it again as Zokora has no problem picking his pocket. Like taking candy from a baby. Not that I’m calling Torres a baby or anything.

24′ Hutton sends a nice through ball to Campbell, but the Man Utd. loaner is called offsides. It’s close, but replay shows it was the right call.

23′ Bale loses it badly to El Zhar, but he recovers and gets it back before Liverpool can do any damage.

22′ “So far, no real saves for Gomes to make.” Definitely a good thing if you’re a Spurs fan.

20′ Another good chance for Spurs on the corner. Ball is flicked towards Dawson at the near post, but Liverpool are able to clear it away from danger.

19′ Lennon gets it and sends a nice cross from the right flank to Pavlyuchenko. Liverpool make a mess of the clearance, and the ball goes back to Lennon. He has a golden chance, but Agger makes a fantastic block to concede the corner.

18′ Torres gets it and tries to make the run on goal, but Corluka takes it away. Hyypia gets it and tries to send a long cross to Torres, but it’s long and Gomes will take it.

17′ Fabio Capello is in the house. Not too many English internationals in this match for him to evaluate…

15′ Tottenham have been very aggressive right off the bat, trying to take advantage of this young Liverpool team.

11′ O’Hara tries to whip it into the box for Pavlyuchenko, but Plessis knocks it away. Long cross towards Pavlyuchenko from Campbell, and the Russian gets his head on it, but he seems to hesitate between shooting and passing, and he ends up giving it away. Probably should have shot it.

10′ Plessis gets booked for a lunge on Campbell. Tottenham will have a free kick from deep down the left flank.

8′ Babel with a brilliant run into the box, and he manages to lay it off to Torres. He tries to get his cross off, but he loses it out of bounds.

6′ Huddlestone tries to spring Campbell with a nice over-the-top pass, but Cavalieri gets to it first. The fans were really “oohing” on that one.

4′ Corner to Liverpool. Lucas gets a head on it, but Hutton is able to knock it away.

3′ Lennon lifts a nice cross into the box for Pavlyuchenko, but his header is off target.

1′ Spurs kick off and we’re underway! Mike Riley is our ref. Quick start for Spurs as Pavlyuchenko tries to thread it through to an attacking Zokora, but it’s knocked past the touchline for a Spurs throw.

0′ I wonder if the Carling Cup has it’s own theme song like the Champions League. This is the Leeeeague Cup!

0′ With Liverpool choosing to rest most of their big guns, the pressure will clearly fall on Tottenham to win today. It’s probably the smart move for Liverpool. No need to risk any serious injuries when it’s clear that the League title is the priority this year.

0′ What had been shaping up to be a big-time grudge match has turned out to be a run-out for Liverpool’s reserves as they try to eliminate the defending champions.

0′ Welcome to Soccerlens’ coverage of the Carling Cup match between Liverpool and Tottenham. I’m Victor, and I’ll be your liveblogger.

Match Review:

We shouldn’t take too much away from this match. However, you would have thought that Liverpool, despite the fact that they rested most of their regulars, would have put forth a better effort than this. Sure, they managed to score two goals to make it look respectable, but Tottenham completely dominated them from start to finish. It wasn’t all good news for Spurs, though, as Gomes continues to make mistakes in goal, and now he could miss time due to injury. Still, there was a lot to be happy about if you’re a Spurs fan. Especially the interplay between Pavlyuchenko and Campbell.

As for Liverpool, I’m sure Benitez would never admit it, but he must be secretly relieved that there will be one less distraction for the club’s goal of winning the Premiership. He can take solace in the fact that he used virtually none of his usual starters, and the one person he did use was coming back from injury. Still, I’m sure he won’t be happy with the effort and sloppiness from his team, especially in the back. Again, it won’t be a big deal since most of those guys don’t play anyway, but it’s still an area of concern.

Man of the Match:

Frazier Campbell

Now we can see why Spurs were so insistent on taking Campbell on loan in the Berbatov deal. Campbell played extremely well today. His two goals were world class, and he helped set up Pavlyuchenko’s goal with a beautiful cross into the box. Pavlyuchenko played well, too, and the two of them seemed to display great chemistry together, despite the fact that they haven’t really played together this season. As for Liverpool, it’s hard to pick out anyone who really stood out, but Insua and El Zhar seemed to play well together late in the second half created a couple of good chances for Liverpool. Still, I think it’s safe to say that the Liverpool reserves didn’t really do themselves any favors today, and probably won’t be pushing any of the regulars for playing time.

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