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Tottenham in for Diego Forlan?



Yes, I know what they say about repeating baseless rumours, especially transfer rumours.

But this one is interesting for a number of reasons.

For one, Diego Forlan has stated in the past that he’d like to return one day to the Premier League. Two, he’s come along in leaps and bounds as a striker once he started playing regularly in Spain and is showing the type of goalscoring talent that first attracted Manchester United to him. Third, he’s probably not good enough for Manchester United or any other Champions League team but perhaps, if he doesn’t suffer the bouts of insecurities that racked his previous stay in England, he would be an astute buy for any English club looking for an experienced striker.

The Tottenham connection doesn’t make too much sense though – I would have figured it to be Aston Villa or Manchester City as being more interested in Forlan, but if Tottenham are going to get rid of Darren Bent, then buying Forlan would be a good idea. Forlan would also offer Ramos something different than Berba / Keane.

I don’t buy the common argument that Forlan would be a ‘lack of ambition’ – he’s a good enough player to start for most teams outside the Big Four, and with the current striker problems at all the Big Four, they could have used an option like Forlan.

Of course, there’s the little matter of Champions League football – Atleti might actually make it this season, you know.