Tottenham could sell Defoe, who will buy him?

The cases of Jermain Defoe and Shaun Wright-Phillips could not be more dissimilar. There was a time when Jermain Defoe had the chance of a lifetime to be a star at Tottenham and cement his place for England as at least 3rd choice striker, while SWP was being ridiculed for going to Chelsea to sit in the reserves.

Today the roles have changed – SWP has now fought his way back into Chelsea and indeed, England, while Defoe has become increasingly disillusioned with his place at Tottenham and according to Martin Jol, is unwilling to sign a new contract (which I presume offers him a wage cut or at the very least doesn’t offer wage increases to keep him at par with the other 3 strikers at Tottenham).

Martin Jol:

“I had an argument with him because everyone else is committed and he does not want to extend his contract.

I want to keep him but the chairman does not want another Sol Campbell on his hands.

Jermain tells everybody he loves the club and we love him.

We’ve made him a good offer but he won’t even discuss it.”

You’ve got a young striker with 2 years on his contract, isn’t going to get a better offer and won’t discuss the current offer at all. He’s unhappy to sit on the bench but he loves Tottenham (apparently). So what should Tottenham do? Let him do a Carrick or Campbell, or offer him the money and playing time he wants?

I’d say that they should sell him if the right offer comes along, and at this point anything above 10m would be fitting – yes, Defoe is young but he hasn’t had much playing time and with Everton close to signing Yakubu and Newcastle chock-full of strikers I doubt that there are many other clubs left who could even attract Defoe.

Manchester City are looking for a striker but they are reported to be after Anelka and Nuno Gomes, both of whom might be cheaper (and in Anelka’s case, better) than Defoe.

Aston Villa are reported to have made a 15m offer – if it’s true, Spurs should take the money and laugh all the way to the bank – although if the Berba-United rumours have any truth then maybe they should hang on to Defoe for another year as they might need him next season.

Portsmouth are also reputed to be looking at strikers, and they are another club who could offer the 10-15m.

I know for sure that Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd won’t buy Defoe at this point – he’s lost the charm and at this point he needs games, and for that he should go to any club that’s willing to pay what Tottenham are asking.

Any thoughts on where he would go (or whether he would stay)?

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