Tottenham and Martin Jol under attack

As Spurs fans already know (and the rest of the Premiership is finding out), Tottenham’s defense is ravaged with injuries, to the extent that there are rumours that they might consider spending 10m on a Championship defender.

While that is pure tabloid muck, it goes some way to highlight the problems Tottenham are facing right now, and coupled with the high expectations pre-season (in the media, again) and the subsequent thrashing of those expectations (the Sunderland defeat could have been chalked off but the home defeat to Everton must have hurt badly) now makes it an excellent time to crap on Tottenham for the press right now.

So what have they come up with so far?

Apart from the Curtis Davies rumour, there’s another rumour going around that the Tottenham board have given Martin Jol an ultimatum and that they are looking at Juande Ramos as a potential replacement. Which essentially translates into something like this:

We backed our manager with 40m but after two games against two tough opponents and injuries to 6 defenders and their two best attacking players (Lennon and Berbatov), we’re going to sack him. God forbid if football was to come to that.

Not only that, but apparently Juande Ramos would choose Tottenham over Sevilla. No offense to Spurs fans but currently (and for the last couple of years) Sevilla has been above Tottenham in quality and results so why would Ramos leave a setup he’s built up and a project he’s halfway through?

I don’t think that the thought of sacking Jol is something that would have ‘just’ come to the board. They put a lot of faith in him over the summer and while there would have been questions asked of Jol after the Everton game sacking him can’t be a direct consequence of it.

Bookies have Jol as 3rd favourite manager to be sacked this season though – I wouldn’t be that harsh. However, at the end of the season, things could be quite different depending on where Tottenham end up.

A couple of bad results and everyone’s on Jol’s back as if they’ve just realised that he is not as good a coach as he’s made out to be. Relax guys, his flaws have always been well-known, just never accepted until Tottenham lose a couple of games…

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