The real reason behind Chelsea’s US trip

Blue Winner over at the Chelsea blog Blue Champions pops the question and then explains the reasons behind Chelsea’s tour of the US.

Well Chelsea is making the usual pre-season tour and this year they have returned to the football hotbed of… the United States. I am sure that you, as well as I, spent some time pondering why the Blues did not host a set of games, or perhaps tour the continent, rather than trekking to California to participate in all things Beckham. Well, it actually makes sense when explained the way the club did. Just prepare for some more riders to the bandwagon.

BW lists publicity, money (financial benefits) and competition (playing quality sides like Club America) as the main reasons behind Chelsea’s romp across the States.

The competition and money arguments are sideshows though – the real deal behind Chelsea’s regular pre-seasons to the United States is their need to dominate the new US market as part of Chelsea’s strategic objective of rivaling clubs like Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Liverpool and Manchester United as one of the biggest clubs in the world. The States is one battleground Chelsea feel they can win in, and they have made significant progress in this area.

For a detailed discussion of Chelsea’s tour to the US, read the original article:

Why did Chelsea tour the US for friendlies?

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