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The Quiet Man at Anfield



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Throughout the crisis that has engulfed Liverpool since late October, there has been one man who has stood out and hasn’t said a thing, hasn’t done his best to look out for the best interests of our club. That man is Rick Parry.

The Chief Executive was kept on by the Americans presumably to be an experienced Liverpool head amongst the new kids on the block, to guide them through their first year or so of English football. Now it seems that Parry has abandoned the Liverpool Way himself and joined the band of American mercenaries, hell bent on destroying everything that this football club holds dear.

As CEO Parry has a huge say in what goes on in the running of the football club. He is also highly experienced in football, having been at Liverpool since 1998 and also being the first CEO of the Premier League. So to say that ‘he doesn’t have a say’ is a ludicrous claim to make. He is at Liverpool for the same reason that Roman Abramovich brought Peter Kenyon to Chelsea, because the owners don’t have a clue, and he is extremely experienced.

The defining moment in this conflict has obviously been the approach to Jurgen Klinsmann. The fact that Klinsmann was approached is one thing, but that Hicks went and told the media? Totally incomprehensible. There was and is nothing to gain by saying this to the media, and if anything what it did do is drop our respect for the Americans straight down through the floor.

My complaint about this moment is ‘What did Parry do?’ Bugger all. He should have come out to the fans, explaining properly why the Americans did what they did, explaining what the Americans are trying to do with the football club. He has let Liverpool and indeed the Kop down. Also, why didn’t he advise Hicks and Gillett about the Media, and what they do with any statement? It seems now that he is just looking for a bigger pay-cheque off the Americans and is abandoning the views of the football club.

Also to say that Parry didn’t know of the Jurgen affair is again naive. The owners and the CEO obviously discuss the manager when they do talk, so to say that Gillett and Hicks just forgot to mention they had asked Klinsmann if he wanted the job is just plain stupidity.

Gillett, Parry and Hicks The other main turning point of the conflict has been finances, ie restructuring the finances onto the club rather than the individuals. Now Parry should have spotted this happening and nipped it in the bud, saying ‘Whoa, not on my watch’ and suggested keeping the debt on themselves until Liverpool is fully established as one of the best in England, which it clearly isn’t. So at this time, to secure the finances against the future earnings of a football club whose league position isn’t safe is a very risky thing to do. Why not secure it against one of the established NHL franchises that they own, which seems to be the avenue that Gillett is looking into. The interest payments alone could wipe the club out in less than 3 seasons if we finish outside the top 4 — which this season looks increasingly likely.

The thing with the Americans though is the fact that now we can see that they truly are mercenaries with little respect for the footballing institution of Liverpool Football Club. And while the bulk of the blame lies squarely on the Americans shoulders, I want to know more of Rick Parry’s part in this whole farce.