The Most Biased Article (about Arsenal) You’ll Ever See on Soccerlens

WARNING- This is going to be one of the most biased articles that you’ve ever read on SoccerLens, so if you don’t like that kind of thing I suggest you don’t read it. I’ve seen a lot of Manchester United based articles from the likes of Ahmed and my other fellow writers here, so I thought it’s probably the perfect time to reciprocate for (and probably piss off around 95% of you) my favourite team; that is the Arsenal.

First off; top of the league. Many wrote off Wenger and the young Arsenal side before the season; telling us that Arsenal would struggle to make the top four and could even be usurped by the wealth of Tottenham, currently in the relegation zone (where they deserve to be, but that’s for another article :D) and various other teams. Well, the statistics speak for themselves- played nine, won eight- two points ahead of Manchester United in second with a game in hand. Granted, the next two games are tough; Liverpool at Anfield followed by a visit by Manchester United to the Emirates, but this team has shown that it can compete with the best in the past, and will surely do so again.

Many have hinted that it may be possible, but few have stated it as a given; here I will- Arsenal are going to win the Premier League this season. Cockiness rarely gets you anything in life apart from a good thrashing, which I promise that all the readers of SoccerLens may give me should we not be top in May. However, I see no reason we cannot win it, and definitely think that we can beat off Manchester United- who have played far worse than they did last season; Chelsea, who may well lose out their top four place to Manchester City unless Abramovich splurges in January and Liverpool, who were never capable of winning it anyway (yes, I’m expecting a round of hammering for that statement too).

Arsenal are a youthful side, but this season they have grown to possess maturity as well. In the past, teams found they could physically affect Arsenal enough to put them off their stride; this year, it will take a lot more to sneak a win from the Gunners. While the two games coming up are definitely hazards for us (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost to Liverpool), we will still have enough quality to rise to the top, and in this league that is what matters. I feel that this team has the potential to match the feats of the ‘Invincibles’, and with the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor and Manuel Almunia all in the best form of their careers, it seems that this team can only continue to get better.

Anyways, feel free to bash me using the comments section below; when one writes such an extremely biased article, one expects it. Do you think Arsenal won’t win the league, and Manchester United or Chelsea will claim it (Sorry to write off Liverpool, but they’ve done jackshit in the league for the last seventeen years)? Post below and I’ll try and respond to some of the sensible (and not so sensible) comments :).

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