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Manchester United want more after historic Double



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It was in the early hours of Thursday morning when the match went into penalties and being a united fan im thinking… not again…. Fergie has never won a truly significant shoot-out. I was truly in wonder of the faith /stupidity that SAF had in Anderson to bring a 19 year old to take potentially one of the most important penalties in World Football.

The name Manchester United arises and the thought of “drama” follows and never have they failed in justifying that tag. Who would have thought that come the Champions League final penalty shootout and the ONLY united player to miss a penalty would be Ronaldo. (bet the odds were really against that). But spare a thought for the heartbreak that the Chelsea went through. If i honestly have to say who should have won the game, i would say that give it another 120 mins and still we might not know.

Chelsea hit the post twice because of the individual brilliance of Drogba and Lampard and were really unlucky (nerve racking for any fan-no matter which side-shattering for the players) but we tend to forget that the goal that they scored was itself in all ways extremely lucky. (2 defections – goalie slips – against run of pay – at the stroke of half time). United on the other hand, created chances galore in the first half and created enough through the rest of the game to put the game to bed but in SAF’s words “football, bloody hell”. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings (in this case Anderson dances like an Australian kangaroo). It was meant to be United’s night and it was. History played its part and the one man who has symbolized Chelsea for the last 5 years failed at the footsteps of greatness.

As many would rejoice, drink and dance in this celebration of immense significance (the double of the League and Champions League), Fergie has already showed intent that would strike fear in the rest of the footballing community. Chelsea fans may disagree that united deserved the champions league (don’t think the rightful ownership of the premier league can be questioned), but read this article at http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11667_3596107,00.html and you will know that the man still has bigger things in plan (does it get BIGGER than this anyway???).

He has learnt from the last time he had won that basking in the glory can make the glory hard to come by and even in a night when he was euphoric in his joy and had finally achieved an UNDISPUTED claim to the LEGENDARY status that he has enjoyed as a manager, he was talking about a dynasty and not just a victory. This is his best team according to the man himself and if there was ever a team that deserved to revive the dreams of European domination that was shown by the “flowers of Manchester”, here it is and the process has already begun.

I remember Roy Keane being disappointed after the 99 final win with the attitude of the other players, but this time around, it already sounds like the SAF has made sure that the will of the players spurs them on to Greatness and the first title for the likes of Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, Carrick is just a way to wet their appetite for reaching the promised land again and again and again.

I would not be surprised if united dish out the cash again and to state the obvious Ronaldo stays and United become the first team in the history of the champions league to retain their crown.