The Fun Guide To Free Football Betting Online

When it comes to football betting, two of the great things about winning are:

  1. You win some money
  2. You don’t lose any money

Well how does it grab you to have the second one guaranteed? Then look no further because here’s a free guide to free online football betting. It doesn’t get much better than free guides to free stuff, so I’m sure I’ve got your attention now.

What are they all about then? What’s the catch? Will I end up with more money or less? Read on and find out…

Free football bets are offered by almost all online bookies, as a way to get new customers. The deal usually involves you registering an account with a site, placing a bet of around £10-£25 and then they will add to that amount with their advertised deal. Further free wonga often becomes available when you have placed another 5 or 10 more bets. This money is only usable on their site though, so don’t start thinking I’m about to double your wages this month!

Free football bet offers are a good way to try out a site without splashing out too much and the bookies love them because they get your contact details and then they can bombard you with mailouts and more enticing offers.

Who offers what?

The internet is positively crawling with betting sites and almost all of them are willing to give you free money to play with on their site if you sign up and place a few bets (plus there are plenty of other things to try out as well apart from footy, such as poker, casinos and horse racing).

One of the best offers you’ll find is on Paddy Power, where they will give you £20 if you bet £10. You will struggle to find a site that is willing to offer you twice the amount you put down, especially for a sum as small as £10. Paddy Power has all the usual football bets, plus the added fun of Novelty Bets, where you can bet on the next pop band to split up (Girls Aloud, after Cheryl finds Ashley Cole hanging out the back of Nadine?) and the next celebrity to get on the front page smacked up to their eyeballs (I’m putting a tenner on Amy Winehouse!).

Sporting Bet offer a bloody good deal, matching your first bet up to £25, and then giving you a further £75 if you place 10 more bets of at least £15. The minimum stake here is £175, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, but you’ll get a nice juicy £100 to splash around gratis, making this a great option if you want to dive in at the deep end.

New kids on the block, 888 Sport, offer you £50 worth of free bets, but you’re going to have to shell out at least £225 worth of bets to qualify for it. If you’re going to bet regularly and you like the site, then £50 in the kitty is better than a swift knee to the bollocks, but it’s not the best free-money money can buy.

At Bet 365, you can get £100 worth of free bets from a minimum spend of £400, but be well aware of the details as you could easily end up spending more than that and/or getting less free money to squander. Bet 365 has lots to explore on it’s site, including live streaming of many games and other sporting events.

Victor Chandler (VC Bet) offer you £50 if you bet £75 with them and also offer £25 for introducing a friend, so if you know plenty of gamblers then this site may be for you.

Free football bets sites

There are even sites set up that are purely based on free bet offers that online bookies are running. Some of the best are Free Bet Offers, Free Bets and Big Free Bet, where you can quickly look through the offers that are available. All 3 of these sites are well worth a goosy-gander, the pick of the bunch being Free Bet Offers, for it’s competent detail whilst still keeping it simplistic enough for beginners.

How to get the most out of the free football bets

There is a guaranteed method to make money out of these offers and it’s known by the betting community as ‘matched betting’. Traditionalist gamblers frown on this kind of activity, so don’t go telling your grandad or he’ll clip you round the earhole and tell you it wasn’t like that in his day, that in his day gamblers were honest and you had players like Stanley Matthews who played to the age of 79 and only earnt tuppence a week and never cried like a spoiled child when they were tackled, not like this namby-pamby Ronaldo you have now, rolling round like he’s been shot whenever a strong gust of wind blows in and messes his hair up. And no-one wants to hear that rant, so don’t tell your grandad, OK?

Matched betting involves putting a bet on with your free offer and then also putting a lay bet on it on another site. It’s fairly complicated, depending on the offer, but it is a guranteed way to make a profit from your free offers. Here’s a pretty good page with the details of how to pull off this legal skank, have a read, you’ll be on MTV Cribs in no time!

If matched betting is not for you, lots of fun can still be had with your free football bets just by simply placing bets and watching the match. The old fashioned way is how to have the most fun, because when a team turns it round in the last seconds of a match and you are suddenly richer than you were 2 hours ago, you won’t even mind that it’s your round!

Always read the label

A word of warning; make sure you read the boring small print thoroughly because a lot of the time they are not quite the way the sound and you have to lay down more money than you thought to get your free football bets. Sometimes you will even find mistakes. You won’t find betting sites straight-out lying in their offers (they know they’d get their knackers chopped off by the authorities if they did), but they will word them to sound much more tempting than they really are, so just be vigilant.

Most of all though, go place some bets, earn free money and have some fun.

Martin Banks is an Aston Villa fan who usually writes about Aston Villa for Aston Villa Blog.

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