Still waiting on Tevez

Update 3 – Tevez ‘agrees’ terms with Manchester United.

Update 2 – SkySports: Tevez to seal United loan.

Update – Reds announce Tevez capture.

It’s over a day since the Tevez to Manchester United merry-go-round started, and so far all major news portals have confirmed that a move is imminent.

Apparently Tevez has said something on TV during one of his interviews while in Argentina – haven’t been digging too deep into this as I’m trying to let this play itself out without getting too excited 🙂 Mind you though, the way the whole press has jumped on this is exactly how the Henry and Torres transfers happened this summer.

If everyone’s saying it, it’s not necessarily true, but there must be something there worth talking about.

People were saying yesterday that the PL will put a stop to this move – I think United have already cleared this unofficially with the PL and have probably dealt with West Ham and Kia as well (assuming all this is true, of course).

So let’s give this a rest, he’s probably coming to Manchester United, we’ll find out soon enough.

To be honest, Manchester United with Tevez really does turn me on.

And yes, I know what the headline sounds like 🙂

Thursday, 5th July 2007

Update: BBC confirms….around 8 hours after SL told you so 😛

Let me just get the disclaimers out of the way:

This report is in no way confirmed by either Carlos Tevez or Manchester United, and at the moment is ‘reported’ by the Evening Standard and Times Online as being leaked by a ‘source close to the Argentina squad’ playing in the Copa America. It’s probably from the South American press, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Having said that though:

Carlos Tevez moving to Manchester United will trump Torres to Liverpool, will trump Henry to Barcelona and will, for United, trump Anderson and Nani’s move to Old Trafford.

Am I too worked up? Probably. It’s 6:30 am as I write this and Red Ranter (the bastard) just pointed me to the news. It’s the best news I’ve heard since Manchester United signed Nani and Anderson, it tastes better than the Prem (which to be honest was hollow after losing out in the CL) and for the United fans among you, this is something that I have been rooting for a loooong time.

Here’s what the two sources are saying:

Times Online:

Manchester United last night appeared to have won the race to sign Carlos Tévez. The West Ham United forward, who is playing in the Copa America in Venezuela, has told his Argentina teammates that a deal has been agreed for him to play at Old Trafford next season.

It is likely that Tévez will move to United initially on a 12-month loan deal, with a fee of about £4 million payable to Kia Joorabchian, the businessman who owns the economic rights to the player, and wages in excess of £3 million. Sir Alex Ferguson, the United manager, would also want the option of making the move permanent at the end of next season.


This Is London:

Carlos Tevez last night agreed to join Manchester United in a permanent deal worth more than £20million.

The move will be completed next week, subject to any challenge from West Ham, who still claim to own the registration of the player who saved them from relegation last season.

See what I mean about not taking this too seriously?

Oh hell, enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

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