Terry’s England Choice? It’s Quite Easy To Guess…

Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, Michel Platini, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Fabio Capello, Franz Beckenbauer…… Take you pick, it’s free for all at the moment. But what if the captain of England is asked to make his choice? Whom would he like to be entrusted with the most difficult job in football, that is, taking the role of the England coach?

For all those who are still scratching their heads, the answer is indeed very, very simply. One Jose Mourinho. Remember him? Yes, that media-christened “the Mouth”, self-declared “The Special One”, that 40-something Jose Mourinho. What could be significant twist in the ever-swelling debate on who would become the next England coach, England captain John Terry has come and said that his “stand-out” candidate for the job is his former Chelsea manager.

Mourinho’s get-me tosspot is of course now a severely worn out cliché but that fact that Terry is voicing support for the Portuguese can hardly be ignored at a time when the English FA are really at a crossroad on whom to make the new ringmaster of the England circus. While the most valuable coaches are all tied by commitment at the moment, and here we are talking about the likes of Sir Alex, Big Phil and even Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Fabio Capello appear as the ones who would be considered for the job.

While Capello is past 60 and cannot speak English, Mourinho has already had the taste of English fans in his over three seasons at Stamford Bridge. His football might have been miles away from entertaining but it is his efficiency and gut that has endeared him to the Chelsea players, one of them being the club captain Terry.

This is what Terry had to say about his former Chelsea boss Mourinho and the England job:

He is one that really stands out for me. Now it is down to the FA to contact him if they want to speak to him. I have had a meeting with Brian Barwick (the English FA) but that stays very private between me and him. It was not just about managers but many things. But that will stay very private. I’m sure he will meet a few of the other guys as well but it is great to be consulted on these matters.

So would Terry’s wish be granted? There’s no doubt that the England captain’s opinion would be valued immensely by the English FA. So would Mourinho become the next manager of England?

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