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Taking a Punt: 5 winning Premier League betting tips



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Wow, well that was an interesting weekend of football! Aside from the FA Cup snoozer…I mean shocker in the FA Cup between Manchester United and Everton, things were fairly quiet.

The six Premier League matches prior to Manchester City/West Brom yielded a whopping FIVE goals total. For a league that prides itself in being the best in the world, Saturday and Sunday looked more like a battle between teams in Ligue 1 than a typical Premier League weekend. But those are the breaks sometimes. You win some and you lose some — and unfortunately last week we lost some.

I reckon Rafa Benitez and I have some in common in that we both know what it’s like to think we’ve won a match before getting the rug pulled out from under us. Tuesday’s match was an absolute cracker, but you have to believe Benitez was going crazy on the inside. He had the win, and then he didn’t; then it looked like he had the win again…oops, sorry about that, Rafa, but Arshavin’s here to ruin your night once again!

The picks went the same way. The biggest one of the weekend was the tip to take Arsenal/Chelsea @ 11 for a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes. We can thank Drogba for mucking that one up for us three minutes from time. The rest of the tips we can thank the relegation battle for causing teams to go into their offensive shells.

So this week we’re planning on getting back on the winning track with another set of five tips. But instead of doing the usual weekend tips, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some end of the season spread bets that could be worth a punt given the current relegation battle and title chase in the Premier League.

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Buy Liverpool @ 82.5
Rafa’s squad has been all over the place of late. From a shocking draw this week to an eight goal thriller at Stamford Bridge, it’s fair to say that Liverpool are all about scoring at the moment.

Currently on 71 points, Liverpool will need to take at least 12 points from their last five matches to make this bet a winner. They have a possible 15 points left out on the table and if they want any chance of catching Manchester United, they’ll need to win every game. There could be a banana skin in there, but given their schedule I’d reckon they’ll run the table.

They play Hull City at the weekend, followed by Newcastle, West Ham, West Brom and Tottenham. Now two of those five are at home, so I figure they’ll take Newcastle and Tottenham for six points. That leaves us needing two wins. West Brom and Hull should make 12.

SELL Aston Villa @ 62
Villa have been one of the most inconsistent teams during the second half of the season. They haven’t won a league match since February 7th and continue to look inept when they step on the pitch.

Currently they sit at 54 points and will need to take at least eight from their final five matches to secure the win. The reason I’m going against that is due to the teams they’re playing to finish the campaign. They play Bolton (a very in form team), Fulham (fighting for a place in Europe) and Boro (fighting for their Premier League lives) away. I think all three of those matches could end in a draw or a shock loss.

The other two matches at home are against Hull City and Newcastle — two clubs that are surely in the relegation battle. They won’t leave Villa Park without a fight. Those matches could prove to be very tricky, and given the fact that Villa are all but out of the running for a spot in the Champions League, I think you could see them take their foot off the pedal.

SELL West Ham @ 49.5
Call it a hunch, but I think West Ham won’t get it done. Whilst they looked very good last weekend against Villa, they have a brutal end to the season.

They’ve got Chelsea at the weekend, Liverpool and Boro at home. Plus, they’ve got Stoke and Everton away. I just can’t see them getting four more points along the way against teams that are fighting for positioning at the top and bottom.

BUY Tottenham @ 50.5
I think Tottenham can do it. They should get six from their home matches against West Brom and Manchester City. Whilst the final three matches against Everton, Manchester United and Liverpool will be brutal, I still see them nicking a draw somewhere in there.

SELL West Brom @ 29
West Brom sit at the bottom of the table and given their current form, I can’t see them taking points off many of their opponents the rest of the way.

They play Wigan, Sunderland and Liverpool at home. From those three matches I could see them walking away with one point at best. The two away matches against Blackburn and Tottenham should leave them with maybe two points from a final 15. West Brom are done for.

So there’s our recap on our best tips for how five teams will finish in the Premier League. We all know there could be more twists and turns along the way, but given how these teams have played so far this year, I think these tips are worth a look.

Let’s all hope the Premier League reverts back to their goal scoring ways this weekend. If not, then I may be forced to pull out my pillow once again!

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck follow you every morning and night.”

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