Super Bowl Leaked Score Of 37-34 The Most Backed Correct Score Bet At BetOnline

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According to the BetOnline, many fans believe that the Philadelphia Eagles will win 37-34 against the Kansas City Chiefs as odds slash ahead of Super Bowl LVII. 

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As bettors prepare their bets ahead of one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, there’s some prop selections that have been backed more than others…

There’s plenty of bets being placed featuring Travis Kelce, and the coin toss landing on tails has also had some money placed on it. However there’s a bigger bet that seems to be popular amongst bettors.

Eagles to beat Chiefs 37-34 opened up at +25000, and since more of the same bet have been placed, it’s now sitting at +8000 and has been betted on nearly 4x more than any other correct score bet.

This all comes after a Twitter user tweeted an image of a box score from Pro-Football Reference that showed Philly beating Kansas by a score of 37-34. The Twitter user has since had their account suspended, but the image still went viral, and a lot of bettors placed the bet.

It’s the fourth most popular prop bet, and with the price of the bet slashing there could be a lot of money won by bettors believing an edited image that went viral on the internet.

Below is the image that surfaced on the internet last week…

37 34 Bet

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