Super Bowl LVIII Coin Toss Odds: Heads/Tails Betting With BetOnline

Coin toss
Coin toss

Super Bowl LVIII is just around the corner and we are making the most of BetOnline’s Coin Toss odds. The highly-regarded sportsbook is also offering new players a $1000 free bet.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Coin Toss With BetOnline

  1. Create a BetOnline account
  2. Deposit up to $2000
  3. Receive your free bet of up to $1000
  4. Place your Super Bowl coin toss bets

Coin Toss Odds For Super Bowl LVIII

As usual with the Super Bowl there are a vast selection of markets available based on not only the game, but things that a happen around the match in Las Vegas as well such as the national anthem or coin toss.

One of the most popular markets to bet on every year is the coin toss, as fans have a 50/50 chance of selecting correct with either heads or tails before the match.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

You can bet on which side of the coin will win in the 2023 Super Bowl LVIII coin toss between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The coin toss is a prop bet, which are great for betting on our sportsbooks as the likes of BetOnline will have better odds than any other betting site.

Although there is a 50/50 chance with which side the coin will land on, tails has historically won this bet. Here are the prices from BetOnline for which side of the coin will triumph at Super Bowl LVIII.

  • Heads @ -101
  • Tails @ -101

Super Bowl Coin Toss Historical Stats

Here are some interesting stats to take note of before betting on the coin toss ahead of Super Bowl LVIII.

  • Tails has historically won this bet the most
  • There have been 57 coin tosses in Super Bowl history – Tails has won 52% of the time
  • Tails has won the Super Bowl coin toss 30 times (52%)
  • Heads has won the Super Bowl coin toss 27 times (48%)
  • Heads longest streak is five tosses
  • Tails longest streak is four tosses (on three separate occasions)
  • The Chiefs won the coin toss last year before winning the Super Bowl
  • 49ers won the coin toss in 2019 Super Bowl and lost to the Chiefs
  • Kansas City Chiefs won the coin toss in 2021 Super Bowl and lost

Last Ten Super Bowl Coin Toss Winners

Below is a list of the last ten Super Bowl Coin Toss winners. This list includes which Super Bowl it was, what teams participated, whether heads or tails won the toss, which team won the toss and which team went on to be crowned Super Bowl Champions.

Super Bowl Teams Heads Or Tails Coin Toss Winners Super Bowl Champions
LVII Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles Tails Kansas City Chiefs
LVI LA Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals Heads Cincinnati Rams
LV Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Heads Kansas City Buccaneers
LIV Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers Tails San Francisco Chiefs
LIII New England Patriots vs LA Rams Heads LA Rams Patriots
LII New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles Heads New England Eagles
LI Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots Tails Atlanta Patriots
L Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Tails Carolina Panthers
XLIX Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots Tails Seattle Patriots
XLLVIII Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Tails Seattle Seahawks


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