Super Bowl 2023: One Last-Minute Prop Bet You Should Make

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Game time is approaching for Super Bowl 2023 and sports books around the country and the world are taking their final wagers for the big game. And before you sit down with your beer and nachos for the evening, there is one last prop bet that you should look to add to your sheet.

The betting menu is extensive this year, as it usually is, and sifting through all the proposition bets could be enough to make your head spin. But there are a few that stick out as potential money-makers, and it would be wise to exploit them by throwing down a unit or two on them.

The one that is looking more and more enticing is the over/under on total punts for the game. Most outlets have the line at 6.5, which would be a bit below the output of a normal NFL game. But Super Bowl LVII is not a normal game between normal teams, and this is a new era of 4th down football.

Super Bowl 2023 Prop Bets: How Many Punts Will There Be?

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The Chiefs and Eagles both ranked in the top-5 in fewest punt attempts in the league during the regular season, with 53 and 56 respectively. They feature two of the most high-powered offenses in the league, and long 4th down situations are not common for either. The quarterbacks are both playmakers who have the ability to extend drives with both their arms and their legs, making punt situations rare in themselves.

Over/Under Odds Play
Total Punts 6.5 -110 BetOnline logo

And then there is the fact that it is the Super Bowl after all, and both teams will be putting everything on the line in order to secure a victory. That means taking some chances, which has become commonplace in the NFL with the increasing number of 4th down attempts and teams opting against kicking the ball away. Both coaches have been known to take risks, ones that have typically paid off thanks to their on-field personnel.

If you happen to take the under on this bet, things could look a bit sketchy in the first half. If the teams combine for 3 or even 4 punts between the first two quarters, don’t panic. Any potential rust for the offenses will be knocked off by after halftime, and there should be more chances taken as the game winds down to its final moments.

For comparison’s sake, there were 12 total punts in last year’s Super Bowl between the Rams and Bengals.

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