Sunderland working to tie down Keane for two more years

Keeping a man of Roy Keane’s ambitions, determination and pride employed as a manager is not an easy matter. On one hand you want to give him the control and freedom to grow and develop and on the other hand you need to set boundaries and create a sustainable system that balances the books and, if things don’t work out, is able to adapt to life post-Keane.

Sunderland in my view have done fairly well in both supporting Keane and creating that system to ensure a long-term stay in the Premier League. And now, as Quinn says below, they’re working hard to ensure that a) Keane stays on for 2 more seasons and b) that they have a system in place that suits Sunderland’s objectives and Keane’s needs.


“We’re trying to get everything structurally correct so Roy feels he can walk in every day and is confident and happy with the way we’re going.

I think Roy has no issue with the playing side, he’s had the support he wants and it was continued support.

Rather than go from window to window and meet up with Roy and say – ‘We can do this, we can do that’ – rather than the uncertainty of that I wanted to offer a contract to Roy where we’ll know exactly what we’re doing for the next five windows.

He’ll know exactly the parameters he can work in, he’ll know what we’re all trying to achieve, he’ll know in terms of the turnover if the crowd are bursting at the seams what it can mean and what it’ll lead to.

He’s had such a lot to do in a young managerial career and I wanted him to see a little bit more of the business side of it too and I think he respects that.

It’s about him knowing where in the next two and a half years are going and not from window-to-window.”

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