Sunderland Home Kit 2007/2008

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Oh look, another kit post!

This time it’s Sunderland, back to the Premiership with a bang (from nowhere to champions, Keano is God, Sunderland will finish above the dirty mags and all that (no, the last bit isn’t true, although it’s possible)) and after putting out an decent away kit, they now have a 2007/2008 home kit that is…

Well, quite simple.

I know that red and white stripes is how the Sunderland kit is supposed to be but come on, they could have done something more on the shirt, couldn’t they?

On the plus side though, the black shorts (and socks) round the kit off very nicely.

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Hat tip to The Artful Lounger for pointing me to the kit. Thanks mate, again 🙂

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