Sunderland heading for the Premiership

So there you have it – a club threatened with relegation to League One at the start of the season is now into the playoffs spots and with three top-tier clashes coming up back to back, is eagerly looking at a top 2 finish and automatic qualification.

There was a lot of speculation about whether Roy Keane would succeed at Sunderland or not, but predictably the media has moved on to other things as Keano has stuck to the task of rebuilding, revitalising and transforming the Sunderland squad into genuine promotion contenders.

The kicker is, will Keano’s Sunderland maintain their run and push into the top 2? There are still 13 games left to play for Sunderland, and there’s some distance between them and the top two.

Would you bet on Roy Keane?

And how much do you want to bet that he will succeed either Gordon Strachan at Celtic or Alex Ferguson at Manchester United?

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