Soccerlens Site Update

Time for another Soccerlens Update – today I want to tackle four topics: advertising, voting, writing and feedback.

1. Advertising

For over an year we’ve gone without paid advertising on Soccerlens (so far I’ve run AdSense, Kontera and affiliate ads for Subside Sports and Kitbag, plus promos for a couple of products). However, we’re at a point where SL needs to generate more money in order to finance the extra features I have planned for the site.

Please read the Advertise on page for more details. There will be an individual post going up in the future as well.

2. Voting

We’re at 49 votes, it’s getting a bit ridiculous now (I know more people read this site 🙂 ) so please head over to this page, take 2 minutes to create an account (enter fake details apart from your email address, if you wish) and vote for Soccerlens. Thanks.

3. Writing

I’m looking for more writers – specifically non-Man Utd writers 🙂 Read this page and follow the instructions.

4. Feedback

What do you like about the current site? What would you improve in it? Is there anything you want me to add to the site?

Let me know.

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