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Update: The league’s full, thanks for joining. Remember, you can still sign up for OFM and play one of the best online football manager games around.

I’ve setup the Soccerlens Premier League over at Online Football Manager (OFM), and all you OFM fans reading Soccerlens are welcome to hop on board and take up one of the 19 available teams (I’ve already picked Manchester United – what did you expect?).

The competition runs for less than 2 months (I think) so it’s an excellent chance to beat your fellow SL readers, win a shirt and boost your OFM rankings all at the same time.

How to join the Soccerlens Premier League:

  1. Log in / Sign up to OFM – if it’s a new account then you can move to step 3 directly.
  2. If you’re already playing in a league and don’t have a spare subaccount, I would suggest becoming a Premium Season Ticket Holder – it allows you to setup 3 subaccounts (so you can have four versions of yourself running across OFM) and one of those subaccounts can be used for the Soccerlens Premier League, I’m sure.
  3. Select ‘England’ as your region through the Manager control centre (for new accounts and new subaccounts).
  4. Find ‘Soccerlens Premier League‘ and join up. You can also search for it through the search box on the left.
  5. Click ‘join’ and follow the instructions.

See you on OFM – I’ll be tracking the progress of the league in the SL forum and by posting regular updates in the Online Football Manager section of the blog, so stay tuned.

For help with OFM, make sure you read the comments sections of this two articles:

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Readers are welcome to send in their own article on OFM tactics, although I’ll try to put one up by tomorrow.

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