Home News So Mr. Blatter – are Real Madrid slavers too?

So Mr. Blatter – are Real Madrid slavers too?



Sepp Blatter was happy to call Ronaldo a ‘modern-day slave’ when asked about Manchester United’s refusal to let the player follow his ‘dream’ to play for Real Madrid.

Now that Real have done the same for Robinho and ‘killed’ his ‘dream’ to move to Chelsea (to Ronaldo’s credit he took it like a man and best of all his agent kept out of it – not so with Robinho’s agent, who’s been doing the talking on Robinho’s behalf), does Sepp Blatter, an honorary Real Madrid member, recipient of the club’s gold and diamond award, one who calls Real Madrid ‘more than just a club’ (hat tip to Tim Stannard), now think that Robinho is a modern-day slave?

Are Real Madrid slavers, Mr Blatter?