SL Week in Review: UEFA Champions League, Arsene Wenger’s Legacy, La Liga 08/09 Predictions, and more

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We’re about to head into a new week, and if you’ve missed anything on SL over the last week, here’s your chance to get caught up on some of the top topics from the site and the SL forum.

UEFA Champions League 08-09 – Group Stage Draw LIVEBLOG

Marco Pantanella brought you the complete Champions League group stage draw, so if you missed any of the pairings, he’s got you covered.

Arsene Wenger – Legacy at the Crossroads

BD Condell takes a look at Arsene Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal and how their recent fortunes impact his legacy as a top manager.

If Style Won You Silverware

Who’s got the best and worst kits around? Oliver Fowler ranks Premier League kits from top to bottom and throws in a few extras for good measure.

Premier League Round 2 Winners and Losers

Yours truly looks back on last weekend’s action in the Premier League.

La Liga Roundtable: Who will win the 08/09 Primera?

Raphael Honigstein, Guillem Balague, and Gabriele Marcotti give their predictions for the new La Liga campaign.

Here are the top talking points from the last week on the SL forum, which, if you haven’t joined as of yet, you should do so immediately to get in on the discussions.

Give Your Impressions…

How are the Premier League sides looking in the early going? Weigh in with your opinions.

Champions League Is Finally Here!

The Champions League is set to get underway, and that means it’s time for a discussion on who’s got it easy and who’s got a tough road ahead.

Best Strike Force

If you have the dream team up front, who would it be? Some pretty interesting answers, I’ll say.

Football Trivia

Think you’re a football fact machine? Test yourself and others.

Favorite Sports Besides Football?

SL is frequented and run by rabid football fans, but they love more than just football.

Of course, this is just a sampling of all the content that’s been churned out over the last week, so to get caught up on all of it and on much more from the last few weeks, just check out the SL Tracker, or you can peruse the SL archives.

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