Site update – reasons behind irregular posting / lack of posts

This is not about football, it’s about why posting on Soccerlens has been irregular in the last 3-4 weeks. If you’re here only for the news, please see the rest of the site. On the other hand, if you’re a regular reader and take an unhealthy interest in Soccerlens (i.e. reading it more than once a week), then this is written for you. Please say hi in the comments 😛

Hello people,

For the last month or so posting on Soccerlens has been irregular. Part of it was due to an over-extended break – I was travelling around the country for the last two weeks of December – and part of it was due to me being addicted to Football Manager 2007 and not having the time to work or sleep – let alone eat or blog.

However, it’s transfer season, and you just can’t walk away from the madness (is it me, or do the rumours get more and more ridiculous every day?). You see a hundred different rumours every day, and sources you would ordinarily trust (like BBC and Guardian) are running those rumours, deliberately spiking the headlines and making people believe that they’re actually true. It’s annoying because you have to be very careful and sift through the rumours and dig up on the stories instead of believing them at face value.

But that’s just me ranting…

Coming back to Soccerlens, I wish you guys a successful new year and hopefully as the 1-year anniversary for Soccerlens rolls up (April 19th, mark your calenders :P), you’ll see us growing up and turning into something really special.

Thanks for sticking with me so far – now drop me a line in the comments and then off you go reading the rest of the site.

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