Floating Football Pitch – Singapore points to the future of sports entertainment

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Singapore’s ‘Marina Bay Floating Stadium’ is a fascinating idea – to quote Times Online:

“…an intriguing feature in an area which is set to become a waterfront city following its current redevelopment. The floating stadium is currently carrying the title of ‘the world’s largest’ and, although the 30′000 capacity seating area is housed on land, the ‘pitch’ itself does in fact sit on the water whilst being sturdy enough to bear the weight of 9′000 people …

The stage, which took 13 months to build, consists of 15 smaller pontoons so as to enable the platform’s shape to be reconfigured depending on the event to be held. Whether the floating stadium proves a success or not is largely irrelevant however as sadly the stadium will no longer be buoyant post-2012 as it has been given just 5 years to wow audiences at Marina Bay in time for the new National Stadium’s opening.

But it’s the project’s wider impact that could be more interesting. How long before a floating stadium the size of London appears in Dubai, the construction capital of the world?”



For more information about Marina Bay, head on over to the official website here.

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