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Should Tottenham fans be banned?



FA chairman Lord Triesman thinks Tottenham fans guilty of shouting racist abuse to Sol Campbell in the Spurs v Pompey game earlier this season should be banned for life from all Tottenham home games.


“I abhor the treatment of Sol by fans of a club I’ve always loved. I hope the individuals will be identified and, if appropriate, banned from Tottenham’s ground.

The supporters responsible have let their club down in a way that is totally unacceptable. I wouldn’t have them in the ground again.”

Should the offending fans be banned (assuming they’re identified)? It’s tempting to say that Sol Campbell deserves abuse and that he’s a wimp if he can’t handle it, but loadsamoney or not, the escapism football offers should not be used as an excuse for antisocial behavior, which racist chants and comments invariably are.

Find them, ban them and let’s get on with it.