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Should Manchester United stick with Rossi?



Brian Lomax over at redrants.com asks if it would be a better idea to try Rossi as a starting option at Manchester United next season (at the very least he should start the first game against Reading (see the Man Utd 07/08 fixture list)) instead of splashing the cash on Huntelaar or Torres or whoever takes your fancy.

Brian says:

Wayne Rooney has the talent to score 30+ goals a season for Manchester United. But because he is forced to stay back to play defense and create in the midfield, he misses out on many scoring opportunities. Because Giuseppe Rossi possesses excellent technical and passing skills, as well as a mind for both passing and goal, he can feed Rooney and if he needs to, create his own shot.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, and Nani playing on the wings, and Hagreaves, Carrick, Anderson, and Scholes providing great passing while holding down the midfield, the combination of Rooney and Rossi could provide Manchester United a top goal scoring tandem for years to come.

So what do you guys think? Should Manchester United stick with Rossi, or should we jump for a new striker?