Should Manchester United sell Saha this summer?

Saha has been a good player for United this season. But he has one great weakness. He can’t keep fit. Even when Larsson was signed on loan. One of the reason’s Saha was benching was because he was getting injured. So he lost his place to the veteran Swede.

Since Larsson’s departure however he ha hardly played. He hardly featured in Rome after coming back from an injury and broke down again. then he claimed he was fit and it seem s now he is out for some time again.

Thus the question needs to be asked: Can United really rely on a striker who can not keep fit for more than 5 games in succession for a whole season? He earned the right to be first choice this season but will he really be worth keeping next year?

Bearing in mind Smith’s tenure at United might be drawing to a close and if Saha as a back up forward to the big name United will sign in the summer, gets injured, United would be left woefully short upfront with the in experienced Rossi and Dong covering Rooney and the new man.

So wouldn’t it be better for United to simply off load him and replace him with a fitter version of himself like Torres and still buy the Ruud replacement that is Huntelaar?

This summer we shall see what Fergie will decide. because Saha’s current plight, when the season has reached it’s climax, will not have escaped Fergie’s judgement. And his verdict might end up being rather harsh.

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