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Should Liverpool Buy Mascherano Now or Wait Till Summer?



One of the root causes of the minor rift / disagreement between Rafa Benitez and the Liverpool owners was the status of Javier Mascherano.

To make a long story short, Rafa thinks that Liverpool need to pin down their star players as quickly as possible because over the past three years they have lost several prospects to their more illustrious rivals. The owners think it’s OK to wait another 5-6 months and then do the deal and are confident that Mascherano will want to stay.

Personally, I think Rafa is right in the sense that Liverpool need to act faster in securing talent that’s already on-board, but on the other hand there is no rush, it’s understood that Mascherano is now a Liverpool player and that there’s only a matter of time until Liverpool make him a permanent signing. In fact, if you consider the money that will go into signing Mascherano (17m), it’s a heavy price to pay in January when Liverpool’s priority is to bring in a central defender.

Surely it’s more important to spend money on a defender now instead of making a show of signing a player that’s already yours? Rafa should get the funds to bring in a new defender plus he will also find this a good time to offload a couple of non-performing players.

Liverpool may have new owners, but that doesn’t mean unlimited finances for Rafa to play fantasy football with, does it?

So, should Liverpool buy Mascherano now or wait till the summer?