Shevchenko – failed Chelsea striker – tries punditry and shames his ancestors

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Among other interesting news, is this one from Shevchenko, who adds his two cents (or 30 million pounds?) to the, now ever so tiring, debate on great players.

He thinks that Kaka is better than Ronaldo and Milan are a better and more likeable team for their attractive football. Now is he blind to the fact that United have been equally attractive, if not better? Or is that a painful acceptance of the general unattractive (nonetheless, effective) style that his current club plays?

At least Manchester United manages to remind Kaka of the Brazilian style of football, even more than Arsenal. He mostly seems to confirm what many of us have been thinking all along this season, that Manchester United is the most stylish team of the Premiership.

And Arsenal fans, try as you might, but for most part of this season your general play has not been quite as good. I’d dare say your football has gotten boring of late. The style that one usually associates with Arsenal has been a thing of myth this year more than anything else. Anyway, that wouldn’t stop me from rooting for them when they host Chelsea at the Emirates in a few weeks’ time.

Getting back to Sheva’s quotes, he says he’s not selfish and was not the least bit disappointed when Mourinho shunted him to an unfamiliarly deep position in the Liverpool game. Well Sheva, I hate to say this, noble as you might seem being selfless, a little selfishness is still required of strikers like yourself, for you know what, 51 lads have more goals than you in the Premiership at the moment. Yes, 51 it is. Even Heskey’s on the list!

*Sigh* I never imagined it would come to this. All the reputation of the European glory with Milan, and now you have gone the direction mediocre footballers in England normally take when things don’t go their way – punditry.

And there is more, he still maintains that it would be an ordeal if he were to meet Milan in the final, because “Milan is not a former club, it’s like a family”. And I thought he said he moved to England because of his family (his wife and son). Now what is his real family then? I am confused!

Although I am not questioning his opinions on who is the better player between Kaka and Ronaldo. Too much debate these days. Each one to his own I guess.

While still on the subject of Milan, there’s some irate fan who has put Dida up for sale on ebay. The things people do these days! Last heard the price went up to a mere 71 euros (Ed: the auction was pulled off eventually, but the price was between 70-80 euros at the time).

Anyway, Ahmed had talked at length about Mourinho as the master baiter. Well, Ferguson shrugged him aside and told him to he has to shut up. Although I don’t know what to make of this. Is SAF playing into Mourinho’s hands or has he just made it clear to Jose that the Sir is still the Boss?

What do you guys think?

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