Sexist Champions League Final Ad

Champions League groups for 2015/16 have been announced
Champions League groups for 2015/16 have been announced

Dear Heineken,

Thank you for reminding me, that as a woman, the only thing that interests me is shopping. Moreover, thanks for displaying the fact that, if you want to get rid of a woman, throw a pair of shoes at her – because apparently we can’t think straight when we drive past a shopping mall.

I’m usually not into feminist rants, but your ad really pissed me off. Football is increasingly gaining popularity amongst women, European women especially. One time, I had a 2 hour debate about the transfer market with other women in a Spanish bar. Have any of you men working at Heineken been to a football match recently? If so, you must have seen tons of women, with team scarves around their necks, and beers in their hands, singing along with the guys while cheering their team on.

Women are still far away from being respected by the media as equal counterparts to men in the field of sports. As a woman interested in sports, I feel like I have to know 10x more information to even be considered seriously. I just want to reinforce that some women(like me) were counting down to the Champions League final just as much as some men were.

If I could grow a superstitious play-off beard, I would – and yes, I know what offside means.

Now I’ll go and drink a nice, cold, Carlsberg.

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