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Sepp Blatter in ‘hit and abandon’ car accident?



Last Saturday Sepp Blatter was reportedly involved in a car accident coming out of a mountain tunnel in the Swiss Alps, where his Mercedes hit a slower-moving car he was trying to overtake, lost control and hit an oncoming VW Golf.

The Golf is said to have overturned several times before stopping with the driver escaping with minor injuries. Blatter’s Merc went several hundred yards before it came to a stop in the embankment, and the car was subsequently abandoned (with the number plates removed) before police arrived on the scene.

Andrew Jennings has the story, which is taken from this Swiss media report.

I’m not surprised (not too much) by the fact that Blatter fled the scene or that the number plates were removed. I’m sure the 72-year old FIFA president checked on the Golf driver first before engineering his exit from the scene.

What I am surprised at is that there is very little mentioned about the man in the Golf and what he had to say about the whole thing. I imagine the guy is quite rattled and pissed off at whoever ran him over and then literally ran off. What happened to the invasive report we’re all used to? If this was an American celebrity we’d have interviews from the ‘victim’s childhood nanny claiming how spoiled the kid was and how they never cleaned up after themselves.

Feel free to share your expert opinions (or lack thereof).